High Rev Driving School

Save the date – Registration links will be posted as soon as they are available.

HRMotorsports is back for the 2021 driving school season. The day consists of around an hour of classroom instruction followed by the rest of the day with instruction on track. Students will begin track training with an instructor for the first half the day and will be on their own after lunch. Instructors will be available all day and students will receive a certification card at the end of the day.
Class day for certification costs $250.00.
Track day for certified drivers with no class $150.

Those of you who have taken the driving school already please sign up as a certified driver and come back out for some laps. If you have not taken the school and want to see what you and your car can do on a racetrack, please get signed up for our driving school.

November 13th class is cancelled. Thank you, see you in 2022!!!